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12 Week Figure Prep Program

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You still have body fat ? Does your muscles are not showing at all ? Is it because you don’t have muscular symmetry or relationship ?  Is it because you can stick more than an inch anywhere on your body ?

Make it true … If I immediately gave you 5,000 cash to put on a suit and heels and stand before me and six other judges …

Come on, face it. You’ve tried to see all the other women lose fat, gain muscle, easily put on a figure that represents dresses and compete in figure competitions while STILL sitting next to you … admiring, wanting …

You know, it doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 60 years old. It doesn’t matter what your current shape is. If any of the above scenarios describe how you look or feel, you are not alone and you are not to blame for your matches. And if you’ve come this far with this site, chances are you’re finally ready to take the bull by the horns and do something. If you have a dream, a wish or a goal to compete in a photography contest, I can help you.

But this is not the worst. Many women get information about the competition on Facebook. Facebook is a social network and let’s not forget that it is a mega advertising platform. Spend SOME time on Facebook

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looking for information on how to prepare for a character contest and you’ll be more confused than when you started to get fat and lean towards your show.

The truth is … The latest hip exercises are poorly designed and combined with an inadequate diet with a dramatic reduction in calories. With VERY small nutrients that nourish your body combined with strenuous and intense workouts, your body NEVER has a treatment option. Over training and preparation will result in muscle loss and FAT GAIN!

Experts tell us: trainelite.com states, “Over training is simply defined as an individual’s intense exercise that goes beyond his or her resilience.” theelitephysique.com reveals: “Nutrient intake helps rebuild and grow muscle by enhancing tissue regeneration by supplying amino acids and nutrients. To hungry muscles. Muscles are nourished, regenerated and are slightly stronger than what they were. ”

What’s Really Happening … Many runners got sick the last month before the competition in numbers because they taxed their bodies to the point that they couldn’t recover. They literally weakened her immune system. In the past month, as the immune system falls off the radar, it begins to lose muscle mass, break down fat, retain water weight, and have a generally smooth appearance.

But good luck! You have found this site and it can help you achieve the goal of preparing your body for your figure. You will learn the exact diet and training procedures you can start using today, specifically designed for …(Read More)

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