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Fat Loss Over 40

If you feel frustrated, twisted, and weak when it comes to losing weight and achieving your best body, you are not alone. I can communicate with you and help you get rid of the frustration of losing weight by sharing with you how I have transformed my body from an eternal image “before” into an eternal image “after”.

I used to feel like most people. Disappointed, horrified and disgusted … … and approaching 40 years. No matter what I did, I couldn’t lose weight and achieve the physique I had always dreamed of.

Not that I didn’t exercise. Too bad I practiced 5-6 times a week, 2-3 hours at a time. I also didn’t eat sweets, fast food and snacks. And … we’ve all heard it before. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you, which I absolutely did.

Despite all the effort in the gym and given that I find good eating habits, I seemed fatter, more cute and even more frustrated.

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I am Shari Fitness and I will help you change your body into the best shape of your life and maintain your weight thanks to the Transformation Over 40 program.

I want to share with you 10 secrets of success by transforming your diet and fitness that you can start exercising right away!

I’ve been in shape most of my life and I’m always looking for new training programs to freshen up and continue to make a profit.

The transformation of Shari Fitness from the age of 40 onwards provided me with a new workout not only with the new spark I was looking for, but with so much more information about diet and supplements that helped me further improve my body.

The food industry has lied and deceived you. There is a list of “healthy” clothing foods that are supposed to be a good food choice in a weight loss plan and cause fat!

Here are some common words used on labels that make us believe that any food product that contains any of the following words on the label is appropriate for our belt.

These foods are probably packaged and processed. Packaged and processed foods, no matter how healthy, seem to be full of chemicals, preservatives, hidden sugars, sodium, and other “substances” that make them tastier.

If you read the ingredients on the packaging of a product that contains any of these words, the list of ingredients is long and you can’t tell which ones are the most, and they contribute to weight loss.

Yogurt is a perfect example of a “healthy” food that causes belly fat loss. Most yogurts contain more sugar than a sugar bar, are high in carbohydrates, contain very little protein, and don’t leave you full.

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