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An open letter for anyone who wants to look as slim as people who compete and are on the covers of popular fitness magazines:

An open letter for anyone who wants to be as slim as the people who compete and are on the covers of popular fitness magazines:

How would you like to go behind the scenes of the exercise program and discover the secrets of the best athletes?

Want to know how you can manipulate your body and train as best you can, without mistakes?

Once you’re in incredible shape, you’ll know exactly what to do to get the most out of the market … if your goal is to appear on the cover of a fitness magazine!

As the best fitness models at my events, they take on an incredible and fast form and improve “year after year”.

Many amazing fitness models have started in my competitions and I can say that they are now in my contacts …

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And it may seem impossible to dream of performing on stage and on one of those famous magazine covers.

People are constantly taking the wrong advice … listening to someone at the gym … or trusting the latest gossip and gossip.

If they go on stage, you will see how they do not look as good as other fitness models. You see how uncontrolled nerves are behind the scenes because they know they’re not ready yet.

That’s understandable … and I’m one of the few who can really sympathize. I have created a step-by-step plan that will prepare you from beginner to competition in a short time.

I have been involved in health and fitness since 1991. I moved from a personal trainer and nutritionist to running gym chains; I saw and did everything in the gym …

I have competed in many bodybuilding competitions … I have been the main or main judge in more than 15 competitions around the world.

Since 1999, I have created more than 30 fitness shows, including my own Fitness Atlantic, which has become one of the largest shows in the country. In fact, I am currently the Promoter of the Year winner.

And believe me, I was in competitions and behind the scenes, I saw everything you can imagine …

Companies that complement the night, night flights, waiting training and “new” training programs, crazy diets, whatever, I’ve seen it, if, unfortunately, I’ve tried a lot …

They come from anywhere because of the professional way of conducting the competitions and the exhibitions they receive.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed talking to thousands of bodybuilders, women who work out, and bikinis who come to my show every year.

This extensive history has allowed me to develop one of the greatest tricks in fitness.

As a competition facilitator, I could not …(Read More)

    James Daniel

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