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New “3 Step Rotation  System” removes to cause No. 1 fat stubborn, swelling and retention of water.

NOTE: This story which you are going to read, is almost tragic, and is true 100% true. Only the Names of locations and persons are changed to protect the identity.

During most of the time in my life, I had a lot of mystery… something so dangerous and so deadly that literally I did everything  in my power to protect and keep it hidden.

This secret stop me enjoying the sports, other social activities of life and the relationships in my life generally.

This mystery is something that almost took my life… and I know that it has also negatively affected daily routine lives in some way.

Thus as strong and deadly it is this mystery as the same mystery to me is to discover the truth about it that how to solve the problem with diet and exercise more ancient in the world. How to eliminate swelling in the abdomen, the retention of water and on the layer of flab in the belly that you did not see many fat as they are in reality.

When I started to do the exercise for the first time, I was a teenager, skinny 145 pounds with low self- esteem and a belly “pooch” boy.

Meanwhile, some guys dreamed with cars or sports, I just like that I have muscular abs visible so that my appearance should be good and I want more confidence in myself for feeling better.

At that time, I was very insecure about my appearance and try to avoid any activity which includes off with a shirt in front of the other and reveal their arms weak and my stomach Plump. In fact, just the idea or thought of seen “half-naked”, was enough to make me suffer from another panic attack.

And if was not so difficult to solve my problem. You may be surprised when you hear that I started to do exercise at that time when I was just 13 old years of age. I was too much healthy at that time, however, there was one area of my body that did not change in relation to this whatever I tried but I am not able to lose my belly fat or make six pack muscular belly visible.

I always knew that it has not been what you will call “genetically gifted” it. In fact, many people in my family struggled with their weight and self-reputation. And after year of exercises, diet and endless pills to burn fat, I found a deep depression in myself.

It seems crazy to think that it would be dissatisfied with their appearance, could lead to depression, but all of these are derived from one sense in general that is not enough good, capable and worthy.

When it is combined with pressures of everyday life, these feelings can overwhelm your mind and leave you trapped with no way out.

I remember one day sitting in my car at the intersection with the railroad, when I approached a train. I thought that it was easy and it would have been for me, to ride on to the roads and at the end of your pain …

At that time, I decided that I would not give up and find a solution. Of course, I got rid of my depression and problems with the image of the body.

How depressing before 20 years…(Read More)

    Josey Fosey

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