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14 Day Perfect Booty

Buttocks, Butt

ATTENTION LADIES: Are you still fighting for fat loss of cellulite with dimples and bumps on your hips, buttocks and thighs ?

New trick for cellulite body weight refer to the “Saggy Butt Syndrome”. You can see these ugly fat on your hips, buttocks and thighs at any age.

Even, I, One of the best fitness cover model and top fitness competitors, use these techniques for my butt problems.

For people, I know never watching me but my butt used me to be straight and flabby in all the wrong places !

Yes, before the cover model and start to win competitions ability, Judges’ comments always  were to my butt & thighs and how they simply do not meet with the expectations.

My these body portions have not been tight and raised as to the competition for winners. After each performance and show, I always asked the judges in what way I needed to work on. Judge after judgments said me to tighten and lift the butt and thighs.


I was too much disappointed, because I did carry out all on time doing squats and lunges, but has still not been possible to find on a solution for that my stubborn ass is lifted and constrict.

On my surprise, I discovered, that most of the other women, had the same problem with the developing a round, firm and well-shaped buttocks.

After working with several thousand women as a coach staff, I discovered, that most of the women are like me as I was before finding a solution, which really did a great job me.

In fact, one study has recently suggested, that this is the area No. 1, that the women have more worries with regards to your body.

When I started to ask my personal training staff. I found out a problem that either their butt are too flat and it is not possible to keep their pants raised up or these are saggy, out of proportion with the rest of body.

Throughout my own problems with the booty, I struggle to find a way to lift and tighten the tush and get rid of my ugly cellulite.

I did my job and made it my mission, not to stop until to competed, won, and judges said me, that’s my booty and my legs were my stronger point.

Even I went to a physiotherapist for more help to discover what was keeping my butt getting from upward lifted. Physiotherapist prevented me and point out that my ass was made up and tone up, what they want with the judges.

As the woman I desperately wanted to feel safe and confident in the swimming suit, in my jeans and even in other multicultural dresses or naked (with husband ).

I began an investigation on various muscles, which are activated and maintained on booty. I have to learn all of this, when I was in school for getting my degree in science back in 1997. I studied all the different muscles and their functions.

Our instructors tended to focus on larger muscular group and some of the smaller several muscles which did not received much attention…well as it returns out, those muscles ‘hidden’ in support of booty are a key to the lift and tighten out butt.

My books, the internet, magazines and do one extensive research on view…(Read More)

    Sarah Pearson

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