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The French Paleo Burn Weight Loss Program

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Diets, I have been disappointed before, and if you are like me, must be as disappointed as like me. You see, we are told stupid things, such as:

Exercises like crazy, can finish and take an inch off your waist. Eating steamed broccoli 3 times a day can help you lose weight. Smoothing – our best shot into a bikini body. Calorie counting (exhaustive but recommended by nutritionists). Skipping meals or smothering awkward cocktails can (possibly) succeed (if you look like me, it completely spoils our mood)….

Let me clear it. It is important, As you know, that having overweight mass and feeling inadequate in our own body, not is our fault. Nobody showed us that what we have to do and what we should not do to be fit, confident and happy. In fact, the very few experts from the United States know the “The solution to lose weight” that how we can achieve our goal to weight lose…

The manner of living special, which is very simple, easy, and that helps the women, as you finally get one body strong and sexy, almost without effort

I think, that we all deserve a happy and healthy life in the form of our dreams convert to reality. No I cannot wait to share with you the steps exactly you need for this loss of weight.  It is very easy, fast and fun.

Let me introduction first of all myself before going to the point article.

Also, I am a busy Mom of 3 kids, working as an Advanced registered Nurse Practitioner, age more than 35 old years, and I have to say, that I am really fit and healthy woman.flat Belly

I am an expert on losing weight and writer with so many published articles in print media and online. I helped to hundreds of patients, to melt the fat, to feel healthy and happy.

In fact, in the bottom of the same, that many other women, spent some years struggling with their weight and tried many tactics for their recovering of healthy life.

I Followed on crazy diet programs, I starved myself, spent hours in the gym… I was in a predicament due these tactics on my body. I covered the stomach on the beach. I had cellulite on my leg backs and did not want to wear shorts.

I gained 50 kilos each one of my two first pregnancy. Although part of the weight down, but I was with excessive body weight, depressed, irritable.

Now by unique turn of one event changed my life so dramatically in a short span of time and the truth is that… it was ALL, to perform with the way that I shall feel in your own body.

I went from being a mother divorced and single with excessive body weight, which is working on the job site without exit and low paid, to let down four sizes for clothing, marry the man of my dreams, got my master’s degree to work as the medical nurse doctor and become a candidate to the PhD.

Like I said, my life has rock bottom. At some point, I met a man from France, who are also happened to be a famous French chef.

We started dating and it was very funny laughter of our differences in culture. Apparently he lives in France, is MUCH different than in the United States. Of all ways, the things that has begun are very serious, very fast and …

The newly be engaged, I took it to France for the first time. I had never before left United States before and did not even have my own passport.

It is very fun, in which the only American there. I learnt something in French. I headed to the markets for buying baguettes and croissants every day mornings.

The endless meals at the family table…(Read More)

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