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Unlock Your Glutes

I am not going to throw any punch upon you. You would be angry and shocked over what is this, which I will share with you.

When you will grip this program’s letters and do everything that what your coach says, expect results, right ?

Well, what if you find out that your hectic work tends to injury having ZERO effects on the shape of the buttocks and are leaving you with less power and strengthen ?

 As the engine for almost every movement of the lower part of the body and back, provides raw power and strength… but only with proper activation.

 As a result, you would sit on the wheel of a muscle car. You have all this raw power and latent force ready, that you relax… but do not know, how to get past 30th.

When you discover the right way to unlock glutes, everything changes. You can put the pedal on the metal in gaining.

And you know, when you have trained your glutes in the right way, because you are the proud owner of a strong, round and healthy buttocks.

 In the time to explain, how you are misinformed about the correct way of building strong glutes…

 “Squat Myth” is the millions of men and women too disappointing due to the lack of progress, which have to fight for growth.

 Ignore those, who say, that is strong, rounded buttocks pure vanity. It is a sign of strength and good health.

 The weak buttocks are often “hidden” factor in the majority of injuries, including to poor posture, pain in the lower back, pain in knee, pain in the muscles, muscle imbalances and injuries to the lower part of the body.

 You have ever had a long-term injury, which simply can be passed, not in relation to this, how to treat the pain ? It can be the cause of weak glutes.

A weak or non-existent buttocks can be uncomfortable. It effects upon your whole body and refuse to give you a grip over the powerful body. Round buttocks, it is always, when a look in the mirror, remind, that your efforts bring zero effects and this can leave frustrated and angry.

When glutes lose strength, it affects the entire body. Other muscles are forced to compensate, which causes imbalances and serious health consequences.

Everything flows from this area. Not in relation to it ? or you walk, run, climb, jump, stand, sit, or even quietly standing, have your glutes included. Stronger than have your glutes, the more effective will your movement.

If this is a SHOCK for you, don’t worry, I support you. I have find the secret of sculpting strong glutes and strong buttocks and in a moment I will share it with you by introducing Mr. Brian Klepacki’s discoveries and findings.

Mr. Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS, also known as Coach Brian, certified specialist for strength and fitness to master the study of exercises.

For the last 16 years of his career, He has dedicated his work to the forefront of exercise and science.

As a specialist for functional movement know, it’s crucial importance to separate fact from fiction, when it comes to training…

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