5 Easy Steps To do Speed Up Your WordPress Website.

5 step for wordpress

How to Find Your WordPress Website with 5 Easy Steps?

Here we are going To show you How you can Accelerate your WordPress website with All techniques and Coaching guidance.

1. Adjust the Quantity And Types of the Plugins.

Reduce the number of the Plugins from those which you want to add in your website and delete the remaining. Simple reality is that the Word Press’s Flexibility Support the Different types of plugins but it does not means that you Want to Use all of those and Your website will be stuck or slow due to Due to problems of those different types Plugins. Delete the unused Plugins and make sure that you should limit to those Plugins which are necessary for your website’s function or for performance. It will enhance the website’s speed

In addition to above mentioned point, your should only install the it with smart feedback. In selecting a Plugin, be careful and see the time periods of those Plugins upgrades and what people said about that, should be in your mind of those opinions. People’s opinion make it easy to decide you regarding that particular plugins directories.

For your assistance in this subject, another plugin can help you is P3 (Plugins Performance Profiler ) Plugin. This create a profile of all those plugins which are active. It takes the measurement of loading times of each and every plugins.

By the analysis of its report, you can decide that which plugin is conflicting and which one is slowing down your wordpress website. After analysis, you can replace those plugins with other ones that have good performance.

2. Opt for Decent themes.

It is 2nd point that related to the WordPress Performance. In selecting a themes for your website, you should keep in mind that a theme with more pictures/photos although make your website very attractive and beautiful but It will slow down your website. I am not denying the importance of traditional picture themes but I am emphasizing that too many photos or images will definitely slow down your WordPress website. If your content has more images, you have to select those themes that should be compatible with your content otherwise your website will be slow and it will take more time to load, in addition to, a bundle of Plugins too.

A Theme with Primarily Style Based on CSS go well liked. You should first check the performance of that theme rather than its looks and color etc.

3. Opt for Decent Hosting Provider.

All of us are aware of this that how a cheat cost hosting is very expensive for the time which wasted for Selection of hosting provider but people don’t know that the hosting with less cost are creating a negative impression upon your website.  How it is creating a negative impression regarding your website ? Do you know it ? 

Most of the cheap hosting are shared and relatively slow as compared to costly and dedicated services. According to my reviews and I observed the best service is HostMonster. You can check its speed, loading time, bounce rate of its hosting at very low price although it may not be cheap service for you but its quality of services will motivate you to adopt its services. Moreover, this hosting provider will also give a credits 100 dollar for each google Adword, Bing ad and 50 dollar for facebook Ad Paid services.

4. Compress Pictures

For the people’s eye catching attention and for exploration of the data which are necessary for the achievement of your goal. An explosion of the images is performed to determine the correct format for the website without the intention of photographic images. JPEG is the main format for photos. GIF format will be used for TEXT. You have to compress the images wherever you need otherwise don’t do that. For compressing the images you can find the latest information on the Internet at http://compressnow.com/.

It’s 100% free, easy to transfer. Just drag the images to this website and compress to decrease the size of images but ensure that after compressing its quality should not be bad or create any negative impression. It is a very easy step

For the image compression of that wordpress website which is in running position, I will suggest you to do that manually. If you have a time for the completion of this task I will suggest to do via Odesk.com and / or fiverr.com. Another suggestion I will give you that you have to use word press plugin for your wordpress website, for example Smush.it.

This WP plugin strips the large data from your images by reducing the file size without loosing quality. When your website would be quicker than other of the hundreds, the google , Bing and other search engines will find your website very easily.

5.Cache Storage

A Catch Plug-in will enhance the ability of preloading of your website.  

Cache is essential part of a wordpress website and It reduces the loading time and increases performance of your website. Cache Plugin also accelerate mobile web pages.

W3 Total Cache is very popular and very simple Plugin with no doubt in its quality of performance. It is 100 % free.

If Your website is continuing to be slow down and you checked that everything is okay and working well, the main recognized problem is cache and solve it by taking action according to your needy steps.

    James Daniel

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